Protect your private notes from psycho-analytic algorithms

SyntheticNotes is a minimalist note taking app that is committed to protecting the privacy of your thoughts.

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Choose Freedom over "Safety"

Apple and Microsoft do not like this app.

When you attempt to open the app for the first time on Mac or Windows, you will likely get a security warning asking you to allow the app to run. This is because SyntheticNotes hasn't registered with their "Certification Authority". This warning will not appear if you use the Linux version, because Linux doesn't track and report what apps you install to a centralized database.

Synthetic Notes was created in the spirit of the earlier days of the internet, when anyone could create software for anyone with very little gatekeeping. While there are benefits to registering, this first edition is a bit of a "Troublemaker's Edition", if you will.

I created SyntheticNotes for my own personal note taking after noticing advertisements that were clearly referencing a business idea I had been brainstorming about in a (free) notes app earlier that day.

I hope that SyntheticNotes will provide the same peace of mind to you as it has to me!

Liam, creator of SyntheticNotes